What is google maps

What is Google Maps?

Google Maps is a Web-based platform that gives detailed information about geographical regions and sites worldwide. Aside from traditional road maps, Google Maps offers aerial and satellite views of many locations. Google Maps in some cities provides street views comprised of photographs taken from vehicles.

Google Maps allows you to share locations and even make personalized maps visible only to certain users. The precise location of a private event or the address of a home can be sent in this manner.

It is regularly updated with photographs sent by users and partners, allowing for the creation of a complete global image of a specific location.

The ultimate goal of Google Maps in marketing is to rank higher not only on Google Maps but also as high as possible in the local business results listings on relevant Google search engine results pages.

What is Google Maps Used For?

As part of the more extensive Web application, Google Maps provides the following services.

  • A route planner provides directions for drivers, bikers, walkers, and public transportation users who want to travel from one location to another.
  • The Google Maps application program interface (API) allows Web site administrators to incorporate Google Maps into a proprietary site, such as a real estate guide or community service page.
  • Google Maps for Mobile provides a location service for drivers that uses the mobile device’s GPS location (if available) and data from wireless and cellular networks.
  • Using Google Street View, users can view and navigate through horizontal and vertical panoramic street-level images of cities worldwide.
  • Additional services provide images of the moon, Mars, and the heavens.

Google Maps Competitors

Yahoo! Maps dominated the digital mapping industry long before Google Maps existed. However, Yahoo! now controls only 2% of the total digital navigation market, while Google Maps controls the remaining 67%.

Other platforms making a name for themselves in the field, along with their respective market shares:

Waze – 12%

Apple Maps – 11%

MapQuest – 11%

Is Google Maps the Same as GPS

When run on a mobile device, Google Maps is technically a program. Better known as an “app,” the program executes a predefined set of commands based on how the user interacts with it. The software uses the hardware in the mobile device, specifically the GPS hardware, to obtain locational information and then display it on the screen. A critical aspect of Google Maps is that it is generally used for directional information on where to go. While GPS data can provide a lot more, this isn’t usually the case with the Google program. However, unlike a paper map or even a map reference program, Google Maps updates in real-time, giving the user the most up-to-date information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Google Maps

Although traditional paper maps are still commonly used, online mapping services such as the Google Maps website are gaining popularity due to the wealth of helpful information they provide in addition to a traditional map. While Google Maps has numerous advantages, the website has several drawbacks that may limit its usefulness.


Enter two or more distinct locations into Google Maps to get driving, walking, and cycling directions for the most convenient routes. Public transportation directions may also be available depending on the location you are interested in. If there are multiple possible routes, you will see a summary of each with a rough estimate of how long each path would take.

Views on a Map

Depending on your needs, the Google Maps website provides several map views that you can switch between. You can overlay terrain information on a standard map in addition to changing from a normal map to satellite imagery. You can also utilize the Street View feature to obtain a panoramic view of the buildings and areas surrounding a specific street, which is made up of photographs taken at street level by specially equipped cars.

Custom Maps

You can make a custom map for any location using Google Maps, adding placemarks, lines, and shapes and saving it to your Google account. You can access your saved map anytime, print it for reference, and share a link to it with others. As a result, the Google Maps website is a valuable tool for planning a vacation or a visit to a new city.

Additional Information

Depending on the location, Google Maps can provide additional information that you may find helpful, such as current traffic load, road work and road closures, photos of areas and landmarks, nearby webcams, and weather forecasts. When you search for a business’s location, Google Maps will provide you with a general rating and reviews of that business and a link to the company’s website, if one exists.


The information the Google Maps website provides may be inaccurate or outdated. In particular, walking and cycling directions may suggest routes lacking sidewalks, pedestrian paths, or cycling paths. The suggested driving routes may not be the most efficient, or consider any special requirements you may have, such as avoiding low clearance bridges and overpasses. Relying solely on Google Maps for additional information, such as public transit schedules, a business’s location or hours of operation, road closures, or traffic congestion, may result in wasted time and frustration.


The Google Maps website relies on large images being downloaded and displayed. As a result, if you have a slow internet connection, it may load slowly or not at all. Similarly, if viewed on an out-of-date browser or if Java is not updated, the website may perform poorly or not at all.

Unsuitable content

The images used on the Google Maps website may occasionally contain inappropriate content. Photographs are taken for the Street View feature. For example, it may show people in compromising positions that are inappropriate for the general public. The images may also include disturbing scenes such as car crashes. As a result of temporary pranks, satellite imagery captured at the wrong time may display inappropriate words or drawings. Conversely, Google removes or replaces these images when they are made aware of them.

Incomplete Information

Depending on the country and location of interest, entire buildings may be blurred out in Street View. This is done on request due to privacy concerns, but it severely limits the feature’s usefulness. Similarly, certain areas in the satellite view may be displayed using older imagery or blurred entirely out.

Google Maps Facts You Should Know

  • In the United States, Google Maps is the most popular navigation app.

  • Every month, over a billion people in 220 countries and geography territories use Google Maps.

  • Google Maps has a monthly user base of 154.4 million.

  • Google Maps is used by nearly five million live websites.

  • Google Maps was used by 67 percent of all mapping app users in 2018.

  • Every day, Google Maps users contribute over 20 million pieces of information.

  • Google Maps consumes 5MB per hour.

Relevance of Google Maps for Businesses

Google Maps is a critical tool for increasing business visibility in local SEO. If you have a physical headquarters, creating and maintaining a file in Google My Business with basic contact information, schedule, and so on is ideal. When a query about a specific sector is made, it will appear in the list of Maps results.

Google Maps seamlessly integrates within a web page, even allowing navigation without leaving the business site. As a result, whether you are registered in My Business or not (in which case you will need to create a personalized map), embedding the map to assist the client in the location is extremely valuable.

Key Takeaways

Google Maps is a fantastic tool. It can assist you in getting where you need to go and learning what you need to know before you get there.
Google Maps is not restricted to a single state or country. It has maps for almost every country on the planet.
Google Maps is more than just a map combined with satellite imagery, user-submitted photos, and Google's powerful street-view feature.
It's an interactive atlas—a way to learn about various places and people worldwide.

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