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Best Text Marketing Platform

SMS marketing is an easy and quick way to communicate with your customers. It enables you to learn more about your consumers without having to shell out a lot of money for market research. Additionally, it can be precisely what you need to persuade more individuals to utilise your services, buy your goods, and provide favourable evaluations on your website!

But choosing which platform to use to execute your excellent marketing strategy is challenging, proper?

With an array of SMS marketing options outdoors, it’s kind of hard to decide which one to use, especially for that less techy type of person.

You are here, so it’s safe for me to assume that you are at a point where you are already decided to integrate SMS marketing into your digital marketing strategy, right?

Well, you are in the right place, as we will introduce some of the best SMS marketing platforms you can consider when selecting the software you might want to use.

Let’s begin!

What is Text Marketing?

Text marketing is simply a program that sends people adverts or promotions via text messages. Text marketing includes almost all forms of advertising, from a specific brand or product promotion to exclusive mobile-only deals and discounts, as well as alerts about new goods. Because of the increased use of smartphones, some of these texts now include links to the websites of businesses as well as product images, enabling customers to place orders on their phones.

Businesses may use promotional text messages (SMS) to inform consumers about their products and services, provide notifications, and time-sensitive changes. This strategy of digital marketing is also known as mass texting. Although substantially more successful, SMS marketing functions similarly to email marketing.

How Does Text Marketing Work?

With text message marketing, you may follow the sales process using a database of your client’s names, mobile phone numbers, and other details (geographic location, customer categories, customer interests).

According to, text marketing can be used to: 

  • Boost sales
  • Build relationships
  • Engage with your audience
  • Generate excitement
  • Collect and nurture leads.

Creating a subscriber database to boost client loyalty is the general objective of SMS marketing. Text messages are a great alternative to push notifications when using near-range marketing strategies to inform individuals in your area of current promotions. It may be a terrific method to send notifications for forthcoming events, engage your clients by polling them and more than tell them of upcoming sales.

The more data you have on hand and the more precise your consumer groups are, the better. This is true for every marketing attempt. The finest text message marketing is highly tailored and aimed toward a particular target group, similar to how Facebook advertising targets individuals within a specified area, by age, and by hobbies.

Most Common Ways SMS Marketing is Used:

  • Discounts and coupons
  • Services
  • Updates
  • Contests
  • Polls
  • Newsletter

Advantages and Disadvantages of Text Marketing


High open rate

98% of SMS are opened, which is relatively little more than email’s 14.5%.  Nearly all of your consumers will open the text messages you send them.

No internet connection is required.

Compared to emails, SMS messages can be read without the need for access to the internet.


When you text a consumer, it’s because they specifically requested it. They provided you with their phone number and agreed that you might text them. Almost often, when they receive a text from you, it is a message they requested; otherwise, they will unsubscribe.


SMS marketing is less expensive than email marketing. SMS is a low-cost technology with which you may experiment. SMS marketing may help small and medium-sized businesses save money. This is a worthwhile investment to make.


SMS marketing is less expensive than email marketing. SMS is a low-cost technology with which you may experiment. SMS marketing may help small and medium-sized businesses save money. This is a worthwhile investment to make.


Limited Text Message

Text messages are limited to 160 characters long. You will need to pay for the extra messages required to send the extra characters if you want them to be longer. Additionally, clients anticipate brief texts. That is how the media operates. Your marketing message would probably be better sent as an email or social media post if you can’t fit 160 characters into it.

SMS Can Include Spam

Every marketer sends one promotional message, okay, but if you send too many, the recipient may see them as spam. Therefore, it is simple for users to designate their communications as spam in mobile contexts. 

Shorter List

Making a second email account is simple, but getting a second phone number is not as straightforward or inexpensive. Consumers are increasingly guarded about their mobile contact information for various reasons. Don’t anticipate your SMS list to be as big as your email list because customers want businesses to communicate with them via SMS more frequently.

Extra effort and time are needed for the campaign.

You can’t simply get into text message marketing randomly. You will need to deal with this carefully and aggressively. Consistency, responsiveness, and strategic thinking are required. It will require time and resources to handle this additional channel.

5 Best Text Marketing Platforms

Software that enables you to send SMS messages to your contact lists of phone numbers is called an SMS marketing platform, also known as a text marketing platform, text message marketing solution, or text messaging software.

Automation, integrations, contact management, segmentation, two-way messaging, scheduled texts, shortcodes, personalisation, and chatbots are among the capabilities that SMS marketing software frequently offers. The customer experience may be prioritised easily with the help of features like these that allow for mass messaging.

Here are our top 5 SMS marketing platforms you can use to bring
your marketing campaign to life:

Twilio - Messaging X

One of the most popular, dependable, and easily accessible communication platforms is Twilio Messaging X. It provides all the features required to interact with consumers. With the help of purpose-built APIs like Programmable Messaging and Conversations, you can use Twilio MessagingX to receive and send SMS, MMS, and OTT messages while using phone numbers from more than 180 different nations. 

Simple Texting

A cloud-based technology called SimpleTexting allows for both one-on-one, corporate texting and bulk text message campaigns. Thanks to the platform, messages can be sent and received using a 6-digit short code, an existing 10-digit phone number, or a new local number. The platform’s beneficial features include segments, autoresponders, scheduled messages, data collecting, text-to-win competitions, surveys, and more.


If you need to finish quickly, TextMagic is the way to go. From sign-up to shipping, it features a rapid setup procedure.

TextMagic hits a good spot between functionality and usability, even though it may not be the most influential text message marketing platform available. You have access to an API, integrations, two-way text, scheduling, and MMS features. For many firms, TextMagic offers all the features required to begin sending.


Choosing Sender’s services may be best if you own a small business. Everything you need to contact your target audience efficiently is available on this all-in-one email and SMS marketing platform.

An unprecedented 90 – 99% open rate and 45% reply rate are among the company’s highlights. Most importantly, Sender is entirely free to use to begin started. You don’t have to input your credit card information; you may cancel anytime. It is a terrific approach to test the waters of SMS marketing because it is an economical option that every small business can appreciate.


If you’re on a limited budget, Textedly is one of the SMS marketing techniques you should consider using. With easily adaptable features, this program will expand your company. It provides voice services, bespoke keywords, complimentary inbound messages, and contact management features to enhance your business’s SMS capabilities.

The software’s user-friendly interface is handy, primarily if you’ve never used SMS services. You can mass send your SMS message to all of your contacts in only a few seconds.

Essential Features of an SMS Marketing Platform

Bulk Messaging Feature

Sending messages to many phones is known as bulk messaging or mass texting. It’s SMS marketing stripped down to the essentials. It’s reasonable to conclude that the most desired aspect of SMS marketing solutions is bulk messaging. You have a phone number list to call to send a mass text message promoting your goods.

Two-way Communication

It’s essential to keep in touch with your consumers. As a result, you should search for software that enables direct communication and feedback from your clients. In this manner, you may continue to feel the “pulse” and respond appropriately.


Multimedia Messaging Service is what MMS stands for. Unlike SMS, MMS can deliver multimedia files (images, videos, audio).
Textual content is less compelling than multimedia content. Therefore, it’s essential to spend money on an SMS marketing solution that enables the delivery of multimedia messages.

Reporting and analytics

What sort of analytics the program offers is a crucial additional consideration. How in-depth can you make your SMS marketing campaign analysis? Do your reports give reasons for the results of your campaigns? You need a platform that will provide adequate knowledge to keep improving and learning from your failures.


The opportunity to scale your SMS marketing platform and your expanding organisation is a benefit, regardless of how you handle text message marketing. You should be able to expand your business without raising prices by using top-notch services. Doing this can maintain order and prevent the confusion of switching service providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Text marketing is acceptable if you go by the legal requirements in this regard. Discover how to comply with SMS standards by reading on. Text marketing, often known as SMS marketing, is sending communications to clients via short messaging service (SMS).

SMS is rapid and effective. Your marketing message will almost immediately reach your target audience (customers) after being received because it is sent in a couple of seconds. Additionally, you will see results immediately because more than 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

Since agents can frequently react to consumer texts more quickly than live calls, texting is a quick and straightforward approach to communicating and solving a problem. More people open text messages than any other type of communication. At least 90% of your consumers read the message if they open it.

Future SMS marketing is poised to be more tailored to the user, to enable greater consumer involvement, and to be a more seamless contact in your daily life.

Key Takeaways

SMS marketing is a beautiful technique to advertise a business's products and services.
However, you can only comprehend SMS marketing if you consider its advantages and disadvantages.
You can't depend on SMS marketing if you don't understand its benefits and drawbacks. Read this article twice before using SMS marketing, and then decide what is best for you and your company.
When integrated with social media marketing, SMS marketing may help you contact clients and potential consumers in real-time with relevant and persuasive messages.

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