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Youtube Ads: How To Put Ads on Your Videos and Earn Passively

Regarding ways YouTube may help businesses grow, content creators have been allowed to make a livelihood off the platform. They may now monetize their material by placing digital ads on their videos.

This has become the new standard among individuals with many YouTube channel followers and gaining thousands of views on one of their videos. This group of video content providers frequently earns hundreds of dollars monthly from the advertisements they place on their videos.

But how can you include ads and monetize your YouTube videos? Join us and let’s find out how amazing the digital world can become a sustainable (if properly executed) source of income! 

Why Consider Monetizing Your YouTube Videos?

Monetizing YouTube videos is critical for content providers who wish to profit from their work. Creators may produce a regular cash stream by permitting adverts on their videos, which can help fund their channels and work.

There are various advantages to inserting advertisements on YouTube videos. To begin with, it enables producers to earn money from their work, which may aid in the growth and improvement of their channels. Ads may also assist in boosting the visibility and exposure of a video by promoting other items or services. Advertisements may give helpful information regarding the success of a video, allowing producers to make better-educated decisions about their content and channel strategy.

Types of Ads You Can Place on Your YouTube Videos

In-stream ads

These are the most typical advertisements on YouTube. They may be skipped after 5 seconds and show up before, during, or after a video. These advertisements last between 6 and 20 seconds and can be skipped.

Overlay ads

These advertisements appear at the bottom of the video screen as a semi-transparent banner. They might be text- or image-based and are often smaller in size. Clicking on the advertisement will take viewers to the advertiser’s website.

Sponsored ads

These interactive advertisements appear as a little symbol in the bottom-right corner of a video. They open up when clicked to reveal further details, such as a product or a link to a website.

Bumper ads

These are brief, non-skippable advertisements that play before videos and are often at most 6 seconds. They are intended to stand out and catch attention.

Display ads

These advertisements can be shown on YouTube’s sidebar or in the search results. They can be used to advertise a good or service or be text- or image-based.

How To Put Ads on Your YouTube Videos?

Step #1: Uploading Videos Ads

  • Sign in to YouTube and navigate to your YouTube Studio.
  • Click the “Create” button in the top-right corner, then pick “Upload the video.”
  • Select the “Monetization” option in the upload flow and choose the sorts of ads you wish to appear on your video.
  • Finish the uploading process and publish your video.

Step #2: Choosing the types and positions of advertisements

When monetizing your videos, you can select the type and position of ads that display. There are several ad forms to pick from, including in-stream commercials, overlay ads, sponsored cards, bumper ads, and display ads. You may also specify whether the adverts are displayed before, during, or after your video.

Step #3: Ad previewing before publishing

Previewing the advertisements before posting your video with advertising is critical to verify they look appropriate and do not negatively affect the viewing experience. YouTube has a tool that allows you to preview the advertising before you submit your video. You may also use this tool to change the ad placement or types of advertising you wish to display.

What Are the Requirements for YouTube Ads?

Some requirements must be completed to run advertisements on YouTube. Here are some of them:

  • There must be at least 1000 subscribers on the YouTube channel.
  • The YouTube channel may have at least 4,000 legitimate public view hours over a year.
  • The YouTube channel owner must live in a region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  • An AdSense account must be linked to the YouTube video.
  • There are no open Community Guidelines strikes on the YouTube channel.
  • The YouTube channel is required to abide by “all” of the company’s monetization guidelines.
  • To ensure its security, the YouTube channel must go through a 2-Step Verification procedure on the Google Account connected to it.

How Much Can I Earn With YouTube Ads?

The amount of money you may make with YouTube advertisements varies considerably based on various variables, such as the number of views your videos receive, the kinds of adverts displayed alongside them, and how engaged your audience is overall.

The following are some things to remember:

  • How many people see your videos;
  • The audience’s level of engagement;
  • Your video’s topics;
  • Your chosen revenue stream; and 
  • Where you are located

Additionally, the kind of advertising you decide to run may affect your revenue. Banner advertising often pays less than video ads. They could, however, also anger viewers more and be more obtrusive.

It would help if you experimented with various ad formats to see which ones are most effective for your channel. You may earn more money the more people see your video. You will nevertheless need to balance user experience and ad income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advertisements may appear there even if you have yet to personally monetize the videos you’ve posted. The right holder may have opted to include advertisements on your video if it contains material for which you do not own the required rights. YouTube may also insert advertisements on videos from channels not participating in the programme.

You must first have a balance of $100 or more from views to get paid by YouTube. To collect $5 for every 1,000 views, you must obtain 20,000 views. The YouTube Partner Program, which enables you to get compensated by adverts on your page, was developed by YouTube to make this possible.

You might not see adverts on your video if you’ve activated ad-blocking software, add-ons, or extensions on your browser. Try disabling the programme or extension. Advertisements won’t appear on any of your videos if you’ve disabled advertisements for your channel in your Account Settings.

You can enable advertisements if your video complies with our requirements for advertiser-friendly content. Check out the self-certification instructions and samples on that page if you need clarification on whether your video qualifies. Ads do not open on videos by default, even if you want to enable them.

Key Takeaways

It’s more complicated to monetize on YouTube, but it may be an excellent way to earn money. You must continually provide excellent material that will appeal to a broad audience. But the benefits might be hugely rewarding if you can do everything.

Remember that YouTube is not a get-rich-quick program, no matter what. Building a successful channel requires attention, time, and work. Expecting to start earning thousands of dollars immediately is unrealistic.

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