Our PPC team has your business covered for Google ads in Melbourne and Australia wide. Google ads are a great way to get quick traffic to your online properties. Google ads can be used to drive traffic to your website, Google Business Profile and Google website. Google ads is a short term strategy, and works really well in random with an SEO campaign to build authority for your brand on Google. Google ads are CPC (cost per click), having an experienced professional there to analyze and monitor your campaign will yield great benefits. Our Google ads professionals will monitor the CPL (cost per lead), making adjustments to bring your cost per lead down as low as possible. There are many areas of paid advertising online which are overlooked when a local business tries to do it themselves, these include:

  • negative keywords
  • demographic targeting
  • time of day
  • day of week
  • manual bidding
  • ad copy
  • optimisation scores
  • Google quality score
  • keyword optimisation
  • on page optimisation and landing pages
  • relevance
  • location targeting
  • optimising for search terms
  • IP blocking
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